Professional career path

Career Plan

Our most important asset is our people. Client satisfaction is the measure of our success and at the center of our business. As a consequence, our professionals must share our vision in the way law is practiced, where vocation and client service are essential.

Our lawyers must have solid legal skills and English proficiency ( although we also value the knowledge of other languages) , and must be resourceful in a number of basic professional skills , such as responsibility , dedication , efficiency , effort and team work capability; and a host of personal values, such as honesty , empathy , common sense, dedication to service, initiative and the ability to assume responsibility.

Our career plan provides a framework that allows our lawyers to take on direct experience of the various existing levels of the profession and the competencies , knowledge and skills required for each such level. The career plan is principally structured with reference to knowledge levels, levels of professional independence, and the mastering of the skills of client retention and capturing and the rewards earned for successful performance of the same.

The performance evaluation process is a key element that allows us to place your professional career on the right level depending on the skills and knowledge acquired.

Continuous training

Our Firm believes that training is fundamental to guarantee the level of services required to satisfy our clients. Therefore , a comprehensive program of continuing education for our employees is implemented during their professional career at our firm.

The objective of the training program is to accompany the progression of our lawyers in their careers and develop their knowledge and skills, thus contributing to improvements in the provision of services to our clients. The tools of the training plan include internal training programs, attendance at external courses and seminars, languages training and ongoing legal updating.