5 reasons to do business with us
Our lawyers are excellent professionals who combine talent, values, experience and commitment. Our professionals know that their work is aimed at fulfilling a client’s needs and expectations. Get to know our team.
Our best reference is the loyalty of our clients themselves. More than 60% of our clients continue to use our services after the first two years of working together, and 85% of those who did so in the year we were founded are still with us today. This what our clients think of the Firm and its professionals.
We have a wide experience in the main areas of business law and a detailed knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of the industries and sectors where our clients operate. Our lawyers have worked as in-house lawyers and have personal experience as business people. They are well aware of how important it is to provide legal services with a business vision.
We work in association with our clients in a partnering relationship of absolute trust. We have a stake in their business activity, results and the best possible optimisation of resources and efficiency, which guarantees the added value that they receive from our services.
Our Firm has both Spanish lawyers and/or lawyers who have worked in other jurisdictions (UK, USA, Switzerland, etc.). We can support our clients in their processes of internationalisation and we work actively in transborder operations.