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Economic and social development has brought about the presence and increasing participation of public authorities in the different fields of personal and business relationships, either as a regulator, operator, supervisor and guarantor of the general interests. In parallel, the same social development has resulted in the need for measures to guarantee individual rights and specific -administrative or judicial procedures within which to enforce them.

How do we help you?

In the Department of Public, Administrative and Regulatory Law (DPAR) of Santiago Mediano Abogados, we strive to find solutions that will enable citizens, businesses and administrations to mutually respect the rights and obligations incumbent on each, eliminating any trace of arbitrariness in the exercise of public authority’s powers and articulating strategic plans and legal actions necessary to achieve effective results in the shortest time possible. For this, it is often necessary to combine skills in different areas, by analyzing the viability of projects from the regulatory perspective, as well as proposing innovative and imaginative solutions or proposing a coherent strategy for legal defense.
These premises explain both the diversity of our Clients -Individuals, companies, professional and business associations, corporations and universities, public institutions, administrations – such as the wide variety of sectors in which they operate: from education to health; from telecommunications to the advertising markets; from food, logistics or transport to the port activity, insurance or real estate and construction.

What are our services?

The services provided by the Department of Public, Administrative and Regulatory law of Santiago Mediano Abogados are, among others, the following: advice and participation in all kinds of administrative procedures, particularly with regard to liability for damages caused by public services and enforcement procedures, expropriation and procurement procedures. Project feasibility analysis and business decisions from the standpoint of competition law, if necessary, appearance – at the CNMC. Regular participation in developing regulatory procedures, with policy proposals that adequately reflect the rights and interests entrusted to us. At the sector level, we act regularly on matters relating to the protection of historical and artistic heritage and in the public art market; audiovisual, energy and telecommunications sectors. We advise and defend public officials and staff in public service Administration, as well as planning and developing activities for large groups. We develop and implement strategic plans to service public corporations and public entities.
We provide advisory services for pre-litigation administration and represent and defend causes in contentious-administrative proceedings before the courts, including the Court of Auditors and the Constitutional Court. Likewise, we act before the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the EU.



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Solo podemos tener buenas palabras hacía este equipo de grandes profesionales que durante todo este tiempo nos han brindado su experto asesoramiento y experiencia en diversos ámbitos, y especialmente en todo lo relacionado con el derecho de las nuevas tecnologías

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