The taxation impact on a company’s activity can become a decisive factor when it comes to obtaining the maximum yield in business. Faced with the tax administration’s growing need to collect money, the attitude of responsible companies lies in strict adherence to tax provisions, while at the same time maximising the tax benefits that such provisions can provide.
To this end, planning, company and asset restructuring and tax optimisation are areas where our professionals in the fiscal department have focussed their efforts and experience over the years.

How do we help you?

Our tax team allows us to offer a service fully dedicated to obtaining the maximum yield possible from the opportunities offered by law, allowing the optimum development of businesses against a complex asset and tax background.

What are our services?

Our tax consultancy services are provided to both companies and individuals, resident and non-resident alike, and include planning company operations and maintaining ongoing contact with the tax authorities. Family companies: asset and succession planning in close collaboration with our colleagues in the civil law department. International fiscal planning: collaborating with the main local firms. Restructuring operations together with the commercial department to provide global consultancy on mergers and acquisitions, risk capital and company reorganisations in general. Due diligence in acquisition and joint venture processes.
Fiscal planning in relation to the transfer of intangible assets. Presence at Tax Inspections.
Taxation of artists and sports people in close collaboration with our IP department.



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