Procedural and Arbitration

This department plays an essential role in the comprehensive consultancy services that the Firm offers its clients; it is responsible for following up, advising on and carrying out all legal and arbitral proceedings that are entrusted to Santiago Mediano Abogados, be they of a civil, antitrust, criminal, contentious- administrative or commercial nature.

How do we help you?

he level of experience of the members of this department in all types of actions before the Courts is worthy of particular note; their knowledge is of significant importance in guaranteeing a job well done and a good result.

What are our services?

This department provides consultancy in dealing with all types of cases of civil, commercial, criminal and contentious-administrative disputes, helping the client through all phases of the proceedings even before the case comes to Court.
Special care is taken in dealing with pre-litigation scenarios; the department aims to put the client in the best possible position if legal proceedings are inevitable, as well as providing guidance on preliminary negotiations with a view to avoiding litigation altogether.
The way these services are provided is through the creation of teams comprising specialists in procedural law in coordination with other professionals within the Firm who are experts in the specific subject area, thus seeking to optimise the service provided and increase expectations of success.



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