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The development of partnership in the economic sphere is a growing phenomenon that facilitates the achievement of very diverse objectives, both qualitative and quantitative. Beyond the obvious differences in each area or sector, there is a multiplicity of situations and circumstances common to all of them and, for which our Firm is distinguished by its solid and extensive experience.

How can we help you?

A business or professional association can only effectively serve the collective interests of those it represents, if the needs of its members and the specific activity of their sector or area is placed within the general legal and economic context. No activity can be considered in isolation, because its objectives will only be realistic and its accomplishments and achievements are only possible, if planned and implemented through rigorous and legal solutions/approaches. The Firm works effectively with the associations not only in advising them in terms of establishing objectives, but mainly to assist in their practical implementation.

What are our services?

The Firm has extensive experience in providing services to businesses / professionals, in both internal and external regulatory environment, such as contractual and pre-litigation advice within the jurisdiction of the associations: promotion, enforcement and participation in regulatory proceedings; assistance and support in legislative procedures; participation in procedures for the preparation of sectoral regulations, adaptation and reform of statutory rules; assistance in the board’s renewal processes; establishment of arbitration courts; cooperation agreements with AAPP (Spanish Ministry); jurisdictional challenge of collective decisions affecting partners; system analysis of effective competition in the sector; training services in compliance programs for partners, etc.



José Ignacio Juárez
Tfno.: +34 91 310 63 63

Es un gran despacho pero con vocación de despacho pequeño que atiende personalmente a través de sus socios en cualquier momento.

—Director Departamento Jurídico & Compliance de Media Markt

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