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The recent legislative changes in the public sphere are, to related or entities dependent on public administrations, a challenge and an opportunity. Public universities, professional associations, official chambers of commerce and industry … provide essential services that must be justified as meeting the real needs of the recipients of their services. As public organizations serving their citizens, an ongoing effort to seek effective legal solutions to new problems and services is required by adapting procedures, setting up controls and promoting best practices. Addressing these issues with the relevant multidisciplinary legal advice and support, makes the difference between an institution which is a mere bureaucratic and superfluous structure and leading institutions dedicated to service to society.

How can we help you?

We cooperate effectively with both government institutional bodies, as well as with their corresponding legal departments, regularly reporting to those responsible to the General Secretariat or persons appointed by them. We identify with the needs of the organization and, without losing sight of its legal and public nature, we offer you the experience and expertise of the Firm in all the areas in which we work.

What are our services?

Our goal is to provide all legal services necessary for the development of the institution, achieving the legally mandated public purposes entrusted to them and providing high value added services to members of the organization (teachers, administrators, collegiate, voters …). Although in many cases we maintain an ongoing advisory and institutional defense role, being entities whose internal structures and operations must be democratic, our services are particularly useful in the initial periods of activity, either because they are newly created corporations or institutions newly set up by a newly elected governing body.
In all cases, to be more precise, our role entails the drafting and adoption of standards and agreements that develop and set out the statutory provisions, the adoption and / or systematization of criteria that interpret the body of internal rules in its many aspects, analysis of the activity from the perspective of competition law, the transformation of government decisions into clear and concise mandatory provisions, respectful of the basic laws and mandatory regulatory requirements or even the shaping of government programs into harmonious and systematic outreach activities and with legal content through the development of a Strategic Legal Action Plan (SLAP).



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