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International relations are essential in our globalised world and both people and companies are venturing every further from the national arena in search of new opportunities in other countries. This is also the case for Swiss companies or individuals who carry out activities in Spain. For them, it is essential to understand the legal and cultural backdrop of the investment country (Spain), how its economic and tax system works as well as the specific characteristics of each sector in order to be able to make an accurate assessment of their own interests in negotiations with new partners, workers, suppliers and clients. Legal services must be focused on the two jurisdictions and mentalities involved in order to achieve this healthy balance between the incoming Swiss company and its Spanish contacts.

How do we help you?

Our Firm offer its clients a Swiss lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of the two legal systems, allowing her, together with the rest of our team of specialists in the areas of law involved, to make a bilateral analysis and act as a bridge between the two legislations in order to foster understanding not only on the part of the client but also the latter’s Spanish partners.

What are our services?

The services provided include legal consultancy in the commercial, administrative, employment and regulatory spheres; legal, equity and fiscal design and structuring; representation in disputes before the courts and arbitration tribunals – always with the extra focus of the Swiss viewpoint to enhance the level of understanding that improves success in any negotiation or development.
Our clients include Swiss companies with activities in sectors of all types, individual clients with equity in Spain, legal firms and Swiss notaries. We also provide consultancy to Spanish companies who have activities in Switzerland or want to establish themselves there.



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Para una multinacional es clave poder trabajar en distintos idiomas como es nuestro caso en inglés y en alemán

—Director Departamento Jurídico & Compliance de Media Markt

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