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With the UK´s stabilized low corporation tax and comparatively fast and simple approach to company incorporation, Britain is currently enjoying a world-wide reputation as a very advantageous base for business. Furthermore, the historical ties between the UK and both the Commonwealth and the US, make Britain a natural bridge for many multinational groups in their dealings with the rest of Europe.

How do we help you?

SMA counts Chris Cooke, an English barrister, among its longest-standing lawyers with the firm. Through Chris´s presence in, and contribution to, the firm for over the last 10 years, SMA is already very Anglicized. For Spanish and Portuguese clients that need to deal with the UK, SMA offers a seamless transition from a Spanish and Portuguese /civil law approach to a fully common law and English perspective. On many occasions this difference has been key in the ability of SMA to solve UK-related problems and close UK-related commercial deals for its local clients, where others may have found it very difficult.

What are our services?

The services that we offer in this area to Spanish and Portuguese clients are principally focused on contract negotiation and drafting, IP and software licensing, trademark registration strategy and enforcement, legal management of investment structuring and company incorporation and shareholders agreements.
Clients of the UK Desk include providers of services of all kinds, film producers and distributors, magazine publishers, media companies in general and retailers.



Chris Cooke
Tfno.: +34 91 310 63 63

They appreciate our business concerns and are very responsive to requests

—Director Departamento Jurídico de The Academy of Motion Pictures and Art Sciencies of America

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