Inheritance and Legacies

Spain is an attractive country that attracts many people from all over the world to spend their holidays or even their retirement days here. Real estate, among other things, directly link foreign owners with the Spanish administration and determines the fiscal situation not only for themselves but also for their future heirs. The current legal environment, with a special focus on non-EU residents, e.g. Swiss residents, requires a specific expert analysis of the international civil and tax laws to optimize future transfer of these assets to the next generation.

How do we help you?

We offer you a multidisciplinary legal service with a team of lawyers highly specialized in the succession laws of Spain, Swiss and Europe with the ability to propose a thorough analysis of the fiscal situation between the country of origin and Spain. In addition, in the case of death of the testator, we help the heirs with all administrative procedures of the inheritance in Spain.

What are our services?

Preferably, we advise first with the planning of the international estate, which requires a detailed analysis of the taxation position of the case with focus on the two respective countries, and we would work to integrate the will of the client in terms of their future succession to develop a comprehensive solution of his last wishes based on a legal and fiscal analysis that seeks the best value in civil and fiscal terms.
Secondly, we would help the heirs in processing the inheritance in Spain, especially in the preparation of the tax declaration as well as making the necessary entries in the records of the Spanish property to ensure the best transfer of the rights of the deceased in favor of , his heirs. In the case of discrepancies between heirs, we also have extensive experience in the judicial settlement of such matters.



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