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Spain has always been characterised by its vibrant and attractive culture and sporting life. Spanish clubs, sports people, flamenco, shows, films, television programmes, producers, writers, painters, singers and actors travel the world over and are a great tourist attraction. For success in the sport and entertainment sectors it is essential to have the support of ongoing legal services, and a deep sectoral knowledge of the different regulations and agents within the sector.

How do we help you?

The firm, a standard bearer in the sector in this area, has several prestigious professionals who have worked within the sector both in Spain and abroad, allowing us to offer our clients a top-notch, personal and highly professional service, ensuring that our clients achieve the targets and successes that they seek.

What are our services?

The service provided consists of legal and tax advice to people such as sports men and women, artists and producers, in the sports or cultural industry as well as the provision of business consultancy.
The clients to whom we provide legal services are TV channels, events organisers, investment funds, sports federations and associations, sports clubs and bodies, representatives, music and video producers, internet content providers, sports people and artists among others.



Santiago Ilundáin
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Valoramos mucho sus conocimientos tanto en cuanto a idiomas como en conocimientos jurídicos y de gestión a nivel internacional, ya que en nuestro sector resulta cada día mas imprescindible la internacionalización y exportación de nuestros productos audiovisuales

—Puy Oria de ORIA FILMS y Montxo Armendáriz, Premio Nacional de Cinematografía

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