The incorporation of robotics, artificial intelligence and new means of transmitting audiovisual broadcasting for mass consumption is now a reality.
The self-manned or unmanned vehicles, the performance of daily tasks by machines that combine the performance of mechanical tasks, the ability to navigate and access Big Data systems, along with learning autonomously thanks to artificial intelligence systems; the application of virtual and augmented reality to e-commerce, engineering, medicine, education and entertainment; or even domestic objects through 3D printers, offshored manufacturing, and today, a new technological revolution. Society, and companies face the challenges arising from massive dissemination and use of these devices and developments. The legal system must be adapted to give appropriate response to the new era that we are entering..

How do we help you?

Our professionals in the area of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, offer multidisciplinary solutions to those developing and using these new technologies, advising them in relation to their various applications, including, among others, predictive technology, computational linguistics, data mining, industrial, medical, virtual worlds, systems, decision support, video games, analysis of dynamic prototypes and intelligent management processes, are just a few.
We provide the clients of Santiago Mediano Abogados with the experience we have acquired over the years by participating in the various initiatives and industrial and business projects, both national and international, in this new environment.

What are our services?

The services we provide range from the sectorial analysis and interpretation of rules governing the development and use of these new systems, advising designers, producers, developers and users of the same to optimize their potential, minimizing the risks associated . Our work is projected, among other areas, on the movement of vehicles and transport of people and goods (road traffic, aviation and shipping), protection of privacy, industrial relations, regulation of hazardous activities, production, distribution and consumption of energy, civil and criminal liability, protection of intangible assets (intellectual property and industrial) and protection of consumers and users.
In addition to this advice, our professionals are involved in the drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to these areas, from the transfer of technology, licensing for use, insurance contracts, and the new electronic commerce to the content production of virtual reality. The resolution of conflicts arising from the development, manufacturing, marketing, exploitation and use of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality is also the subject of our work.



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—Puy Oria de ORIA FILMS y Montxo Armendáriz, Premio Nacional de Cinematografía

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