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We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies. Together with our international network of independent firms, we provide legal solutions in Europe, America or Asia through more than 4,000 professionals, working in over 170 offices.

Our team of lawyers has experience and a talent for law as well as an international, innovative profile and above all a strategic and entrepreneurial outlook.

Our clients are mainly companies focused on creating and marketing technology and intangible assets.

/ Our story

We opened our doors in 2003, when three of us – Santiago, Javier and Silvia, each of us lawyers with extensive experience working in IP departments with large firms – decided to create a firm that would combine business advice based on strong legal foundations as part of committed relationships that are fully aligned with our clients’ interests.

We have always grown along with companies that place a high on their intangible assets – their intellectual and industrial property, their commercial agreements and business ideas – supporting and protecting their investments and projects, in good times as well as bad.

There are currently more than 40 of us professionals (including lawyers practising in Switzerland, UK and the US). Beyond that, our collaboration agreements with prestigious firms allow us to provide our services all over the world.

With this team, and backed by technology, we push for the best outcomes and results for our clients as they do deals in Spain, Portugal and cross-border and as they develop internationally.

/ The model


The client is at the heart of everything

We design our solutions based on our clients’ needs and concerns, seeking at all times to solve their problems and create value through our services. 

Creativity and Innovation 

We seek out creative solutions that align with each client’s needs.  We study and participate in pioneering legal discussions, using technology to deliver ever greater value efficiently.


Expertise, teamwork, knowledge management, project management. And led by the partners.

/ We are committed to

  • Diversity

Fortunately, the world is diverse and for us to be able to make a positive impact in our communities, we have talented staff from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

  • Passion

Law cannot be fully practised without a strong commitment to quality. This naturally entails being available, creative, friendly, collaborative and reliable.

  • Enthusiasm for change

It is in our DNA to drive innovation, and create a friendly environment that welcomes the exploration of new ideas, divergence and challenges.


/ Where we operate


  • Our own offices

Madrid and Lisbon

/ Red internacional


As a member of Mackrell, we have a network of 4,500 lawyers from 90 firms across 60 countries. The network has been repeatedly recognised by Chambers and Partners as one of the world’s leading alliances.

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We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies.

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