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Our human capital is our main asset.

Our team is made up of excellent professionals who truly understand the law and how their clients’ businesses and industries operate. They look at things from a strategic and business perspective so that they can focus their services on getting results.

/ Partners

Carlos Aguirre de Cárcer

Carlos Aguirre de Cárcer / Of Counsel

Francisco Arroyo

Francisco Arroyo / Socio ⠀⠀⠀

Raúl Bercovitz

Raúl Bercovitz / Socio

Javier Berrocal

Javier Berrocal / Socio

Javier Berrocal

Susana Braz / Socia

Chris Cooke

Chris Cooke / Socio

Paulo de Jesus Correia / Socio

Juan José Gómez

Juan José Gómez / Socio ⠀⠀⠀

Silvia Hernández

Silvia Hernández / Socia fundadora

Santiago Ilundáin

Santiago Ilundáin / Socio

José Ignacio Juárez

José Ignacio Juárez / Socio

Juan López Lorenzo

Juan López Lorenzo / Socio

Santiago Mediano

Santiago Mediano / Socio ⠀⠀⠀

José Luis Peñaranda

José Luis Peñaranda / Abogado

Eneko Rufino

Eneko Rufino / Socio ⠀⠀⠀

María José Verardini

María José Verardini / Abogada


Adriana Azparren

Adriana Azparren / Abogada

Jaime Costa

Jaime Costa / Abogado

Juan Luis Costea

Juan Luis Costea / Abogado

Inês Escórcio

Inês Escórcio / Abogada

Celia Esteban

Celia Esteban / Asociada Jr.

Eduardo García

Eduardo García / Abogado

Manuel García

Manuel García / Abogado

Eugenia Gibanel

Eugenia Gibanel

Miguel González-Irún

Miguel González-Irún / Abogado Senior

Fátima Mateos

Fátima Mateos

Helen Okusi

Helen Okusi / Abogada

Arantxa Pinto

Arantxa Pinto

Sol Román Aguirre de Cárcer

Sol Román Aguirre de Cárcer Abogada

Beatriz Sánchez-Carpintero

Beatriz Sánchez-Carpintero / Abogada

Elena Santías

Elena Santías / Abogada

 José Antonio Torrado

José Antonio Torrado / Of counsel

Flavio Tribuna

Flávio Tribuna / Abogado

Guillem València

Guillem València / Abogada

Laura Virseda

Laura Virseda / Abogada

/ Paralegals

Gabriel Cubillo

Gabriel Cubillo / Abogado · Paralegal

Diego Mingo

Diego Mingo

/ Of counsels

Mónica de Cristobal

Mónica de Cristobal / Of Counsel

George Hunter

George Hunter / Of Counsel

Belén Sánchez-Caja

Belén Sánchez-Caja / Of Counsel

Ana Vera

Ana Vera / Of counsel

/ Other Professionals

Carmen Aguilar

Carmen Aguilar / Financial admin assistant

Julia Alonso

Julia Alonso / Financial Director

Claudia Carranco

Claudia Carranco / Secretary

Noemí Díaz

Noemí Díaz / Procedural Admin Clerk

Inés Fio

Inés Fiol Bolibar / Receptionist

Ana Illán

Ana Illán / Administrative

Pablo Martín

Pablo Martín / Accounting Technician

Tânia Pereira

Tânia Pereira / Secretary and Management

Vanessa Redondo

Vanessa Redondo / Managing Director

Jimmy Ziangos

Jimmy Ziangos / Executive Assistant

We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies.

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