The development and growth of associations in the economic arena is a growing phenomenon that helps achieve a wide range of objectives. Beyond the obvious differences that exist in each area or industry, there is a host of situations and circumstances that are common to all of them and in which our firm is a leader thanks to our solid and extensive experience.

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A business or professional association can only serve the collective interest effectively if it relates the needs of its members and its specific industry activity or field to the general legal and economic context.

No activity can be considered in isolation, as the underlying objectives will only be realistic and achievable if they are planned and implemented on the basis of sound, rigorous legal approaches. Our firm works closely with the associations it advises – not only in terms of setting objectives, but in particular supporting them in their practical implementation.

  • Extensive experience in providing services to business/professional associations, both in the internal and external regulatory field, as well as in contractual and pre-litigation advice and in the area of jurisdiction.
  • Promoting, advancing and participating in regulatory procedures.
  • Providing assistance and support during legislative procedures.
  • Taking part in procedures to draft industry regulations, and adapting and reforming statutory rules.
  • Assisting in board of directors’ renewal processes.
  • Establishing arbitration courts and collaboration agreements with public authorities.
  • Jurisdictional challenges to collective decisions that affect associates.
  • Analysing the effective competition regime within the industry.
  • Providing training services to associates on regulatory compliance programmes.

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We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies.

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