The inclusion of robotics, AI and new audiovisual media within mass consumption is now a reality. Society and companies are facing the challenges and mass use of these devices and developments. 

The legal system will need to adapt to provide an appropriate response to the new era we are now entering.

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We are already witnessing a new technological revolution: with self-driving and unmanned vehicles; machines doing everyday jobs that include mechanical tasks; the ability to move and access big-data systems; and the ability to learn autonomously as a result of artificial intelligence systems; the application of virtual and augmented reality to e-commerce, engineering, medicine, education and entertainment; and the offshore manufacturing (including domestic) of objects using 3D printers.

Our Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality specialists offer multidisciplinary solutions if you are looking to develop and use these new technologies. They advise on these technologies’ different applications- including predictive technology, computational linguistics, data mining, industrial and medical applications, virtual worlds, decision support systems, video games, analysis of dynamic prototypes, intelligent management processes, and more.

We offer our Santiago Mediano Abogados clients the full breadth of experience that we have built up over recent years through our participation in a range of initiatives and industrial and business projects, both national and international, in this new environment.

  • Analysing and interpreting industry standards that regulate the development and use of these new systems, advising designers, producers, developers and users with the aim of optimising their potential and minimising associated risks.
  • Among other areas, our work covers the circulation of vehicles and the transportation of people and goods (road, air and sea traffic); protection of privacy; labour relations; regulation of dangerous activities; production, distribution and consumption of energy; civil and criminal liability; protection of intangible assets (intellectual and industrial property) and consumer and user protection.
  • Drafting and negotiating related contracts – from technology transfer, usage licences, contracts of insurance, new e-commerce, through to the production of virtual reality content.
  • Resolution of conflicts arising from the development, manufacture, marketing, exploitation and use of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies.

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