The UK today enjoys a worldwide reputation as a great place to do business. This has been helped by the country’s stable corporation tax rates and the relative ease of setting up a company. Its historical links with the Commonwealth and the US also make the country the ideal connecting point between multinationals and companies from the rest of Europe.

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English lawyer Chris Cooke is one of SMA’s most senior professionals. His hard work and commitment over the last ten years has helped to broaden our firm’s reach into English-speaking countries.

For Spanish and Portuguese clients who have business interests in the UK, SMA adapts the Spanish and Portuguese civil law systems to a fully English perspective based on common law.

This has frequently made the difference when delivering services to local clients. Where other firms might have struggled with this, SMA has completed transactions and skilfully solved problems arising from the UK system.

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts.
  • Software licensing and intellectual property.
  • Strategy and trademark registration.
  • Legal process during investment structuring.

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Chris Cooke

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We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies.

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