Objective: facilitate the entry of immigrants into Portuguese territory.

With this alteration there were some important changes that facilitate the entry into Portuguese territory, such as:

  • Visa for looking for work in Portugal– a new specific visa has been created for those who want to enter national territory to look for work. This visa has a duration of 120 days, extendable for another 60 days, and is limited to the national territory.
  • Temporary stay and residence visas for digital nomads– the possibility of granting a temporary stay and residence visa is extended to professionals who remotely carry out their professional, independent, or entrepreneurial activity outside the national territory.
  • Simplifying procedures and increasing the validity of documents– for example, the temporary residence permit is valid for a period of two years as of the date of issue of the respective title and is renewable for successive periods of three years.
  • Temporary stay or residence visas for family members entitled to the respective permits.
  • Elimination of visa quotas for subordinate professional activity.
  • Facilitation of the residence visa for higher education studies– whenever the applicant is admitted to a national higher education institution, the granting of a residence visa to attend a higher education study program is now exempt from SEF’s prior opinion.
  • Simplification of the issue and renewal of the residence permit for British beneficiaries of the EU Exit Agreement.

If you have any doubts regarding the new changes to the legal regime of entry, stay, exit, and removal of foreigners from national territory, we are at your availability.