Until the UK officially declares its intention to leave the EU by activating Article 50, many businesses within the UK, EU and around the world with some connection to the UK, are left with many questions and a great degree of uncertainty, resulting in all sorts of speculations.

One thing that is certain is that as with most situations in life, Brexit will produce losers and winners.

The category in which your business falls may, to a large extent, be determined by the steps you take now to protect your business and/or at least minimize the risk.
In the link below, we have put together some key points on the likely effects on IP rights, contract (both existing and future contracts) and the steps that can be taken now to safeguard against potential risks of Brexit which, we hope you will find very useful.
We, here at Santiago Mediano Abogados (SMA), will be watching and keeping you posted on the issues that we believe will be of concern to our clients most, as things develop.  In the meantime, we are available to provide any existing or potential clients with any specific support or advice, including «Brexit-friendly» contract-audits, tailored to our clients´ specific business needs during these uncertain times.
Chris Cooke (UK DESK)
English Barrister and Partner at Santiago Mediano Abogados
Helen Okusi (UK DESK)
English Associate at Santiago Mediano Abogados