For organisations that are linked to or form part of the public sector, recent related legislative changes represent both a challenge and an opportunity. Universities, professional associations and official chambers carry out essential activities and need to demonstrate that they satisfy the real needs of the people who use their services.

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As organisations that are there to serve citizens, they need to search continuously for effective legal solutions to new problems and services, whilst adapting procedures, establishing controls and promoting the use of proper practices. Tackling these issues with the relevant multidisciplinary legal advice and support makes the difference between structures that are little more than superficial bureaucracies and pioneering organisations that are committed to serving society.

We work effectively both with institutional governing bodies and their legal departments, reporting periodically to the heads of the General Secretariat or their delegates.

We identify and align with the needs of the organisation and, whilst not losing sight of its legal-public nature, we offer our firm’s experience and specialisation across all the areas in which we specialise.

  • Legal services that are necessary for institutional development, achieving legally-mandated public purposes and providing high value-added services to members of the organisation.
  • In many cases, we provide continuous and institutional defence and advice – as these are organisations whose internal structures and functioning are required to be democratic.
  • Drawing up and approving rules and agreements that develop the statutory provisions, the adoption and/or systematisation of criteria that form an interpretative corpus of internal regulations.
  • Analysing the activity from the perspective of competition law, and transforming government decisions into clear, concise mandatory provisions that respect basic and compulsory requirements in terms of legislation and regulations.
  • Translating government programmes into a harmonious and systematic set of legal actions and content by drawing up a strategic legal action plan.

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We are a business law firm, offering multidisciplinary advice to national and foreign companies.

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